Extra Tall

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Adding 2ft to all walls

Do you cringe every time you go to a Grocery Store? Cringe at the plentiful GMO, toxic foods? Do you cringe when you take a look at the receipt.. for simple simple things.. like potatoes and lettuce? If so, you already know over the last 10 years the cost of food has RISEN DRASTICALLY! Take a look at current world affairs, there’s clearly no end in sight. Costs are rising and so is the need to TAKE CONTROL OVER YOUR FOOD SOURCE.

Not only has the cost of food risen, the quality of that food has sunk even more drastically! That’s “no bueno” for you or for me.. or anyone for that matter. For instance, It’s been said that the modern GMO apple has a fraction of the nutritional value of an apple from the 1920s. Massive conglomerate food providers not only modify the foods, but they spray vegetables and fruits with HUGELY harmful pesticides. Those same foods often are found to include superbugs and viruses. Guessing you’ve heard of E Coli right?!

Look, if you’re like us, you probably already know all of this, we spent hours researching this stuff…  you know that modern food systems are failing us!

Maybe you are like we were, and you have no idea how to grow a single thing… Not a problem, we’re offering 1 year completely FREE access to our library of HOW TO videos ranging from Gardening, Aquaponics to bee-keeping. We even teach you how to automate your systems so you don’t have to spend hours in the garden like grandma.

Maybe you’re thinking, “that’s nice, but i can’t build worth crackers..” Well, that’s no problem because our kits are the easiest in the industry. Think IKEA, only for Greenhouses. We’re talking max 1 day you’ll need to set aside to build these things for most sizes. We even offer video instructions, not some hard to understand written notes. Beyond that, our Pro Greenhouses are incredibly easy to disassemble and move around. You can also put these anywhere, straight on dirt, gravel or even a concrete slab.

Are you ready to start saving money on an organic source of food. You’re that close to getting a year-round, organic, healthy source of food, go ahead, join the movement. We’re right here to support you 100% of the way.